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Cardone On-Demand is Grant’s strongest automotive sales training program that he has created to date! With over 1500 Segments of fully interactive video content, Cardone On-Demand is the one thing you can’t afford NOT to have. With Grant Cardone as your personal sales coach 24/7 and the full support of the Cardone Team, you can finally reach your potential. Professional’s at the top of their game train everyday… and their paychecks reflect that. Are you ready to become a REAL pro?


  • Multiple Usernames
  • Transferable Licenses
  • Tracking and Reporting
  • Certifications
  • Boot Camp Team Meetings
  • Premium Content Package
  • Access to Weekly Mastermind Trainings


Get Access to Cardone Quickstart Program 30-Day

Throughout this 30-day on-boarding process, you will dive into an explosive curriculum that will catapult you into becoming a leader in your industry.

Also available:

  • Cardone Quickstart Program 60-Day
  • Cardone Quickstart Program 90-Day



It’s awesome hearing salespeople using what they’ve learned.

Shane BroussardSales Manager / Capitol Chevrolet

I will say this entire program has taught me so much and has already made me a better salesman even though I’ve been in the motorcycle industry 24 years selling product (parts, accessories, service and most recently the bikes themselves). I’ve only been in Unit Sales for a few years but this has been my best season yet. I look forward to continuing my training.

Kyle McGillSales | Rock N Roll City Harley Davidson

With 15 dealers and 38 franchises in 3 states we seek to build consistency in our stores and take our organization to the next level. The Cardone On Demand program is easy to use and has made a huge impact. Our turnover has gone down and our success rate has increased dramatically; we picked up an extra deal per salesperson. We ranked Top 40 in the nation out of 18,000 car dealers!

Aaron ZeiglerPresident | Zeigler Auto Group | Kalamazoo, Michigan

This year our dealership has seen a 50% year over year gain and the Cardone On Demand program is a large part of the growth. By using the training on a daily basis our sales staff as well as management team have become more motivated and confident. I would strongly encourage others in the automotive industry to give the system a try…your bottom-line will thank you.

Kenan PyeattGeneral Manager | Lithia Toyota of Abilene

With a team as big as ours we used to have one guy doing things one way and another guy doing things his own way and managers had to adapt. Now guys come to the desk and we get the same information.

Josh HudginsSales Manager / Hickory Toyota

We had them training on Verde before, this is obviously more modern an I like the closing better.

David HoughtonSales Manager / Finnin Ford

We have been on a tear ever since starting. We love the program. Started the program doing about 4 million in business. This year we will do over 9 million.

Jason ClemonsOwner / Clemons Boats

Cardone on Demand helps our team stay in the close longer and not give up when objections are thrown at us.

Eric AndersonIndianapolis Southside HD / Sales Manager


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