Sales Fundamentals

One of the most common mistakes made in dealerships when recruiting and building a sales team is the premature focus on the sales process rather than establishing a consistent foundational understanding of how to succeed in sales. In most cases, this approach bypasses an organization’s responsibility to validate if in fact a new hire has the correct basis of understanding of the fundamentals of sales, and how to be successful in sales position.

This course is designed to help install a consistent foundation of how to be successful in sales, to then build on with company specific product and sales process training. Ultimately, to develop the ability to become a top producer in automotive sales, one must first become a master in the basic principles required for sales success. The basics are in fact, anything but basic, and this course delivers the information needed on how to build a strong platform for sales managers to build from.

What You Will Get:

– Learn the #1 Rule of Selling
– How to Build Confidence and Conviction
– How to Handle Rejection
– Handling Difficult Customers
– The Difference Between Pros and Amateurs
– How to Never Lose a Deal on Price
– Level of Activity Required for Success
– How to Improve Your Attitude
– How to Increase Daily Activity
– How to Develop the Mindset to Dominate
– How to Be Positive

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