Our team is loving the training, so much so that they’re way ahead of the pace we set, great problem to have!

Logan Kale, Sales Manager | Lake Norman Marina

Your meeting got my guys fired up…just left the dealership and we did 13 today, spotted 12 for a total of 31k gross.

Jon Bloom, Sales Manager | Apple Nissan

I will say this entire program has taught me so much and has already made me a better salesman even though I’ve been in the motorcycle industry 24 years selling product (parts, accessories, service and most recently the bikes themselves). I’ve only been in Unit Sales for a few years but this has been my best season yet. I look forward to continuing my training.

Kyle McGill, Sales | Apple Nissan

In addition to a measurable increase in sales, Cardone On-Demand has reduced our turnover by over 20%. Grant’s new hire training has literally saved us millions in expense, and his team helping us create OUR OWN training has made this platform priceless to us.

Jack “JJ” Jackintelle, COO | Rick Case Automotive Group

I bought a new store and immediately implemented Cardone On-Demand. We went from 80 units per month to over 400 in one of the most competitive markets in the US. Grant is the only person I would have in front of my people.

Brad Mugg , Partner | Norm Reeves Honda Irvine

We used another trainer for years, and while the content was good, I found that if my people weren’t inspired, the content didn’t matter. Grant’s material is relevant, high impact, and engaging. We have a lot of talent in our sales team here and Grant’s content work for my top performers along with the new hires, we love Cardone On Demand.

Richard Bustillo, General Manager | Rick Case Honda

We’ve had tons of success with Grant’s training program since we signed on 2 years ago, from breaking records to increasing closing ratios – I tell my guys all the time it’s the best automotive training out there.

Rich McLain, General Sales Manager | Arlington Acura in Palatine

Just to give you an idea about how much his increased sales mean in dollars and cents; Jacob doubled his monthly average from 12 to 24 units per month, no smoke real numbers. Our per car YTD front and back in this store is $3702.00, again no smoke real numbers. 12 unit increase X $3702.00 per car = $44,424.00 per month x 12 months $533,088.00 Gross Profit! We spend $1295.00 per month on Cardone Training that is an ROI of over 3000% on just Jacob alone.

Spencer Alexander, General Manager | Lithia CJD Fairbanks

The Cardone training is engaging, informative and relevant material. The training has become a good retention tool. Making more sales and gross encompasses a lot of things, but our volume and gross has gone up year over year and I would attribute that towards our training.

Lenny Gonzales, General Manager | Pohanka Acura, #1 Acura Dealer in US

With 15 dealers and 38 franchises in 3 states we seek to build consistency in our stores and take our organization to the next level. The Cardone On Demand program is easy to use and has made a huge impact. Our turnover has gone down and our success rate has increased dramatically; we picked up an extra deal per salesperson. We ranked Top 40 in the nation out of 18,000 car dealers!

Aaron Zeigler, President | Zeigler Auto Group | Kalamazoo, Michigan

Skipping back and forth from topic to topic is awesome. And the accountability features make it easy for me to stay on top of my guys; the underperformers are always the ones not doing their expected Cardone segments. We have added $200 per car and will sell 4800 cars this year.

Marco Bernini, General Sales Manager | Luther Toyota Brookdale

This year our dealership has seen a 50% year over year gain and the Cardone On Demand program is a large part of the growth. By using the training on a daily basis our sales staff as well as management team have become more motivated and confident. I would strongly encourage others in the automotive industry to give the system a try…your bottom-line will thank you.

Kenan Pyeatt, General Manager | Lithia Toyota of Abilene

With a team as big as ours we used to have one guy doing things one way and another guy doing things his own way and managers had to adapt. Now guys come to the desk and we get the same information.

Josh Hudgins, Sales Manager / Hickory Toyota

In December, we re-launched the program and now require our sales staff to watch 10 segments a week. Our sales have gone up each month consistently since.

Xander, Sales Manager / Cactus Auto

We had them training on Verde before, this is obviously more modern an I like the closing better.

David Houghton, Sales Manager / Finnin Ford

Our sales guy Gio, his show rate on appointments has sky rocketed. They’re all doing a way better job at locking the appointment down.

Brandon High, Sales Manager / Vector Automotive

We have been on a tear ever since starting. We love the program. Started the program doing about 4 million in business. This year we will do over 9 million.

Jason Clemons, Owner / Clemons Boats

Our phones and Internet rep went from $320 to $1631 average front gross since starting the program.

Chad Cobb, GM / Jack Key Chrysler Las Cruces

Cardone on Demand helps our team stay in the close longer and not give up when objections are thrown at us.

Eric Anderson, Indianapolis Southside HD / Sales Manager

We hired Paul at 20yrs old and he came from the restaurant industry. I don’t have the patience for sales training and after a week I wanted to fire him. I decided to watch a video in COD and it talked about patience with your people. I took him off of the floor for 3 weeks to learn product knowledge and dive into Cardone training. He’s now been here for 7 months, watches videos everyday, and is our top sales man. Everyone else goes to him for help on everything, as a gift we just sent him to Georgia for Grant’s training and to him it was the best day of his life.

Alisa, Sales Manager / Hellbender Harley Davidson

It’s awesome hearing salespeople using what they’ve learned.

Shane Broussard, Sales Manager / Capitol Chevrolet

Our appointment set rate is up 20%.

Jordan, Sales Manager / Kia Country of Savannah

My guys are utilizing the fact finding when interacting with customers instead of jumping into the close so quickly. We see a positive response from our customers.

Timmy, GM / Bumpus Harley-Davidson of Murfreesboro

Steve had real motivation issues… was going to be let go. He sits in his car and watches videos before he comes in now he’s ready to go! Did 16 deals this month.

Jay Monteith, GSM / Barrie Ford

Cardone On Demand has made huge improvements with my entire sales staff. The biggest difference is that they can actually handle objections.

Matt Gleed, Sales Manager / Clarington Toyota

Love the energy in the program, the pace is way better than other programs we’ve had. Even our shop supervisor is having a great time with the customer service training.

Wayne Vansevenant, Operations Manager / Finch Chrysler

We’re all totally buying in at our store and everyone has been crushing it with the program. Thanks

Tony Blois, Sales Manager / Elgin Chrysler

Cardone on Demand has worked really well for me. I’m learning a lot on the training program. Using the closing examples that Grant provides has increased my closing ratio to 70%.

Jared Landreth, Sales Rep / Gene Messer Toyota

The biggest difference with our salespeople is their confidence. The meet and greet is MUCH better and they’re actually confident enough to close their own deals.

Trenton Gregory, GSM / Columbia Ford Longview

If you use 1/10 of the information in Cardone on Demand, you’re going to be successful because there’s so much that Grant provides, you really have no choice but to be successful.

Bill Sedberry, Sales Manager / Mitchell Nissan

I’m in insurance sales, and I purchased Cardone University for myself in December. I made my $1k back within 48 hours after just watching 8 or 9 videos. This program is magic!

Derek Vickers / Aflac


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