Handling Objections

Just Looking? Lower Payments? Not Buying today? Need more for the Trade?

How many deals do you think you missed last month because a salesperson mishandled a basic objection? A deal per salesperson? Two deals per person?

Handling objections is a fundamental that few salespeople ever get close to mastering. Handling objections quickly and confidently is the best way to increase a buyer’s certainty in a transaction and without certainty, there will be no deal. Fortunately, handling automotive objections has never been easier. In the last 25 years the common objections in the process have not changed, but the way that your people can learn, study and prepare for them has.

The Quick Fix objection-handling tool in Cardone On-Demand is the first of its kind. Quick Fix delivers quick solutions to common objections in less than 30 seconds. You can access this interactive database of over 300 of the most common objections and rebuttals in the automotive industry from a desktop, or mobile device. Lets face it, if your people never learn the right words to say, they can’t be held responsible for not saying the right thing in front of the customer.

What You Will Get:

– 17 Stall Closes
– 13 Product Closes
– 45 Money Closes
– 31 Too Much Money
– 33 Affordability Closes
– 18 Payment
– 17 Down Payment Closes
– 21 Difference Closes
– 9 Time Closes
– 67 Basic Closes
– 45 Advanced Closes
– 36 Objections in the Greeting
– 5 Objections to Demo
– 30 Objections to Write-Up
– 18 General Objections

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