Sales Management Training

Sales Managers play an integral role in the operations of your dealerships sales department. They are required to sell cars, take turns, appraise trades, train salespeople, run sales meetings, set targets, and hold the sales people accountable for them, interview people, handle problems with customers, deal with vendors, and about 50 other things throughout the day. Sales Managers are your first line, and a strong sales manager can make all the difference in your store.

Unfortunately, there are insufficient learning opportunities for managers in dealerships today. In most cases managers are promoted into their role from a sales position leaving them to learn on the job (on your dime) how to become a manager. Our Sales Management training course was designed to help managers improve in the areas most critical to their role in the daily activities of the dealership. This is the most comprehensive management training course in the automotive industry.

What You Will Get:

– Hiring and Team Building
– How to Train and Motivate a Team
– How to Setup Your Power schedule
– Process and Desking Tips
– Taking Turns on Deals
– One-on-One Meetings
– Save-A-Deal Meetings

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