Phones and BDC

92% of every sales transaction takes place over the phone yet 85% of customers report that they are dissatisfied with their experience with a salesperson on the phone. Are you sick and tired of listening to recorded calls to your dealership that you are ashamed of? Are you tired of having blown phone calls cost you ten of thousands of dollars? With customers shopping fewer and fewer dealerships before they buy, being flawless on the incoming sales call is more important now than ever.

The Incoming Calls course was designed to make your team true pros on the phone. The course goes over the structure and format of an incoming call and digs down to uncover the most critical points in the call that must be hit in order to secure an appointment or a sale over the phone. This course will result in more appointments set, more appointments that show, and more deals on the board. The phone is the most valuable tool for a dealership and this course will ensure that your people are never on the losing end of an incoming call.

What You Will Get:

– Scripts for Every Incoming Sales Call
– The Perfect Incoming Call Process
– How to Close on the Appointment
– How to Handle Appointment Stalls
– How to Increase Your Show Rate 50%

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