Steps to the Sale

A sales process that is executed consistently is vital to creating predictability in sales forecasts. The biggest challenge most auto dealerships face with sales process training is that sales people do not understand the importance of the sales process to the point where they actually believe in it, and live by it. Over the last 30 years we have found that the only way to build faith in the sales process with a sales team is through daily reinforcement.

The Road to the Sale Course covers each of the steps that will be in any sales process. Each step is broken down into individual courses that dive deep into theory and the practical of how to be more successful at each stop along the road to the sale. The road to the sale curriculum may also be customized on a by dealership to accommodate for Variations in steps, One Price, Buy Here, Pay Here, etc. The sales process is a key contributor to the overall customer experience. The sales process installation initiatives from the Cardone Training team have led to an average of $632 per copy increase in front end gross profit.

Increasing and closing sales throughout the sales process requires more than just following a handful of sales tips. Salespeople must utilize negotiating strategy, poise, and forward thinking to lead a client toward an agreement to close a sale. Designing the perfect sales process for your business can be a challenging task, and subsequently motivating your sales team to adopt a sales process is an entirely different conversation.

The Sales Process course in Grant Cardone Sales Training University is guaranteed to provide clarity and confidence in your sales team with EVERY step of the sales process and ensure that they execute each of the steps every time, with every customer!

What You Will Get:

– How to Increase Sales With the Perfect Sales Process
– How to Create a Lasting First Impression
– How to Handle ANY Objection at the Greeting
– How the Trade Walk can Double Profitability
– 21st Century Fact Finding that set you up to Close
– The Million-Dollar Demo
– Learn to Double Write-ups
– How to Use Information to Assist in the Close

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