Internet Leads

The digital customer shopping online used to be classified within businesses as the least qualified lead with a small likelihood of converting. Today we know that customers are spending more time shopping and researching online than ever before. Studies show that the average consumer researches online for 11 hours before making a significant purchase. This means the cultivation of a sales opportunity coming through a website is more vital now than ever. But how does this customer want to be handled? What needs to come from this inquiry and what can a sales person do to dramatically increase conversion rates to appointments that convert to deals?

The Internet Lead Response course will help your team understand the online customer, how they are different, and what must happen in order to convert this opportunity to an appointment that actually shows up, then to a sale. We also cover how to build a follow-up plan to nurture the Internet customer down the path to purchase. Most importantly, your team must know what mistakes to avoid on this lead that will immediately turn off the customer and actually move you further from the sale. If you are ready to increase web conversions from the single digits to the teens overnight, this course will guide you step by step to get there.

What You Will Get:

– Templates And Scripts to Use in Email Responses
– How You Can Differentiate Yourself With Your Online Processes
– The Bulletproof Email Response That Will Engage The Buyer Every Time
– The Mistakes Handling Internet Leads That Are Killing Your Sales

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