Cold Calls

The Cold Call is the single most powerful and effective way a dealership can increase their sales and reach more customers in the marketplace. Cold calls allow a dealership to pre-empt an inbound reach from a customer thus becoming the cause of the contact rather than the effect of a customer showing interest. As consumers become more informed they become less reliant on dealerships during their research phase. In fact, the average buyer is already 57% of the way through the sales process by the time they reach the dealership. Being able to create the demand with a cold call puts sales people in the driver’s seat of their own success. Cold calls can help a new hire drum up their own traffic, they can help conquest customers, and they can grab in-market customers before they begin research that may lead them to another dealership.

A master of the cold call is guaranteed to be one of the most valuable employees a dealership. Most sales people however, despise making them, and in most cases do everything in their power to avoid making them. So how can this be fixed? How can you build the confidence and motivation to cold call? How can you master cold calling to the degree that those cold calls become hot?

The answer lies in our Grant Cardone’s Cold Call sales training course. This course lays out the answers to every question you ever had about being successful on a cold call.

What You Will Get:

– The perfect cold call script for any sales situation
– The most common objections and how to handle them immediately
– 3 Magic questions to increase first call conversions
– How to leave voicemails that get calls back

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