Have you ever felt like your salespeople are not following up like they should?

Well… you are correct. But the truth may be a bit worse than you thought. Data suggests that only 48% of salespeople ever follow-up with a prospect, ONE TIME… but 80% of all sales transactions take place between the 5th-12th follow-up attempt. The greatest sales secret and the SINGLE most important skill a sales person can learn and master today, is follow-up.

Success with follow-up requires Organization, Persistence, Creativity, and the correct expectation of what is required to achieve a result. So how can you follow-up with Organization, Persistence, and Creativity all at the same time? How can you follow-up persistently without being overbearing and obnoxious? How can you follow-up so effectively that prospects actually return calls? What is the perfect voicemail to leave? How many times should you call before giving up? Each of these questions and more will be answered in the course, including Grant Cardone’s 365 Day follow-up and nurturing plan for both sold and unsold customers.

The Follow-Up course from Grant Cardone takes the most current data on optimization of lead conversion and combines it with the most advanced follow-up strategies to bring you the most comprehensive sales follow-up course available online today.

What You Will Get:

– How to Increase Call Backs Back 400%
– Learn the Voicemail That Is Guaranteed to Get a Callback
– 365 Days of Pre-Planned Follow-Up
– The Most Effective Follow-Up Tool You Are NOT Using

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