Traits of Great Sales People

What is the difference between average and great? Top salespeople produce 2 times more than average producers and 5 times more than bottom producers, yet most businesses owners succumb to the fact that 20% of their team will produce 80% of the results… but what if that wasn’t the case? What if you could actually begin shifting more of your bottom performers to the middle and more of the middle to the top? Success and greatness do not lie solely in natural ability, they are the cause of developed ability, followed up with daily disciplines that all of the greats exercise.

In the Top Traits of Great Salespeople the mystery of the traits and habits of the most successful people are uncovered and mapped out for duplication. Ask any athlete or peak performer and you will find that their success doesn’t just show up on game day or in the board room, it is the result of the relentless refinement of their craft, the network of the people they keep the closest, the continuous investments they make in education and a countless other traits, actions, and habits. The Top Traits of Great Salespeople course lays out the road map for a professional at ANY stage of their career to elevate their game to a whole new level!

What You Will Get:

– The Secrets of Top Performers
– How to the Greats Handle Failure and Rejection
– How to Identify and Build Your Success Network
– How to Build Bulletproof Conviction
– Goal Setting of Top Producers
– How to Stay Motivated
– How to Create Lifelong Clients
– How to Get Referrals from Anyone
– How to Build Confidence
– Over 60 Ways to Become #1

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