Sales Process Technology


As the leader in Sales Process Training in the automotive industry the Cardone Group also set the bar by pioneering the industry’s first Sales Process technology ePencil, the first electronic desking software used in dealership negotiations. This was the first time a company had successfully brought technology INTO the sales process.

Today, 15 years later with over 25,000,000 deal worksheets presented, ePencil still remains the leader in deal desking technology. 

In seconds, your Sales Managers can instantly create computer generated worksheets with 18 payment options that reduce your customer’s need to shop. ePencil gives you full disclosure negotiations and complete accountability because you know the starting point, ending point and every move in between on EVERY deal your managers desk! ePencil integrates with your current DMS, making every negotiation fast, accurate and profitable—from the first worksheet to electronic F&I menu presentations.

ePencil Features:

  • Multi Payment Worksheets (18 Payments)
  • Purchase/Lease Worksheet
  • Same Payment Worksheet
  • Payment Breakdown Worksheet
  • Trade Worksheets Linked to KBB
  • Manufacturer Incentive vs.Cash Worksheets
  • Finance Menus with 4 Levels
  • 24/7/365 Technical Support

ePencil Desking Software Includes:

  • 2 Attendees to Management Institute
  • Unlimited Access to Cardone Office
  • Monthly Performance Reviews with Management
  • Up to six licenses of ePencil
  • Unlimited Showroom Traffic Kiosks
  • Electronic Finance Menu
  • Express Buying Software Aftermarket

Why ePencil?

  • Fast, simple, friendly, fair and profitable!
  • Produces an average increase in “front end” profit of $632.00 per deal.
  • Produces an average increase in F&I income of 36%.
  • Cuts the time spent structuring and closing deals in half
  • 50% of ePencil deals are closed in 12 minutes or less!
  • 1-out-of-5 ePencil deals are closed on “first pencil”!
  • Creates instant credibility and provides staff with the information to close NOW.
  • Fully tracks, records and time stamps every customer interaction
  • Monthly Performance reviews with a Cardone Group Statistics Manager
  • Real time assessment of each Sales Manager’s desking performance.


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