What if I told you that you could cut your ad spend in half and actually increase sales? Well, it’s true. Sales Prospecting is one of the most difficult and subsequently most valuable skills your salespeople can possess. A salesperson that has mastered prospecting is the most profitable salesperson that you can employ as repeat and referral customers tend to have higher gross profit and the higher satisfaction scores.

The Automotive Sales Prospecting course will help salespeople identify and cultivate their low hanging fruit and most sales-ready opportunities, which will result in a lower client acquisition cost, more sales, and more profitability. The ability to create and increase sales opportunities without the help of advertising and marketing is the most impactful cost saving activity you can have within your business.

What You Will Get:

– The 9 Hottest Leads That You Are Overlooking
– Scripts for the Most Common Prospecting Calls
– Mistakes that Salespeople make with Prospecting
– How to Handle Phone Objections
– How to Increase Outbound Call Activity with Your Team
– How to Overcome Call Reluctance

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