New Hire Training

Do you struggle to retain salespeople within their first 90 days? Are you frustrated by the rotating door of new hires?

Turnover is one of the most prolific problems in the automotive industry today. The average bad hire costs a dealership over $25,000 and most dealers spend 5x more on hiring than they do on training. Ensuring success in the first 90 days is more critical than ever in order to reduce turnover and retain more employees.

Our New Hire training curriculum guarantees that every new hire you bring into your company has the basics to be successful laid out from Day 1. This 30-day curriculum will get your new hires jump-started with their new position in your dealership and shorten the on-ramp to getting them producing FAST! Automotive New Hire Sales Training is one of our most requested courses and over the last 30 years we have refined the perfect step-by-step process to ensure new hire success!

What You Will Get:

– 30 day FAST TRACK program
– Selling Cars to the Modern Day Customer
– The Introduction of the Road to the Sale
– How to Deliver a World Class Customer Experience
– Basics to Handling Objections
– How to Build Value that Exceeds Price in Demo
– Introduction to Selling on the Phone
– How to Develop Million Dollar Follow-up

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