Headquartered in Kalamazoo, Michigan, with 20 locations spanning across Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and New York, The Zeigler Auto Group is one of the fastest growing privately owned dealer groups in the Midwest. Harold Zeigler opened up the Zeigler Auto Group in 1979. Aaron Zeigler is the operating President and under his direction the group grew from $200 million per year in revenue to over $800 million.

“The world has changed with technology and so has the auto industry. A better-prepared customer has to be taken care of by a better-prepared salesperson. Cardone On-Demand’s daily testing and reporting let’s me know thats being done.”

Aaron Zeigler
President – Zeigler Auto Group


  • Increase Gross Profit
  • Increase Sales Volumes
  • Create consistency across platform with training


  • Create Custom White-Labeled University
  • Establish benchmarks for daily training
  • Platform wide mandate for training as a part of compensation


  • Increased gross profitability
  • Additional 250 units per month


The Zeigler Auto Group recognized that as the landscape of the auto business was changing and more informed customers were coming to the dealership, they would demand a better trained salesperson. The challenge with 20 locations and over 1000 employees was providing a platform that offered consistent material that was relevant to today’s buyer and allow for them to have a library of company specific material to be accessed by all employees.


It was determined that a consistent training regimen of The Zeigler Automotive University powered by Cardone On-Demand was the solution. Each day the sales staff was required to engage with 2 sales lessons with the platform. In addition, managers led skill focused sales meetings using a proprietary Cardone process for training that delivers retention rates 4x higher than traditional training methods. Finally when situations or customers were mishandled in the transaction, the managers used the University as a source for correction on the situation.


After 6 months of daily consistent training across the platform the Zeigler Auto Group was able to increase their production 1 deal per sales person per month. With over 250 sales people, and an average per unit gross profit of $1800 per deal, the increase in production added an additional $450,000 per month in gross profit. In addition, the group has built a scalable platform for the success of their salespeople that can be accessed 24/7 from their home or the dealership and on any computer, tablet or smartphone. With daily training and full accountability for all training activity, the group is poised to surpass $1,000,000,000 in annual sales.


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