Southside Harley-Davidson



Southside Harley-Davidson has been owned and operated for 65 years and across four generations by the Schulteti family. They provide that special touch which only comes from passion, focus, and dedication to the business and their devoted customers.

Their goal is to satisfy every customer that walks through the doors. The Schulteti family takes great pride in knowing that because of their excellent service and attitude their customers have grown accustomed to feeling like part of an extended family.

“This business is like a family, and Grant’s training has taken us to a new level in sales”

Eric Anderson
Sales Manager – Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson


  • Increase sales volume.
  • Add more tools to each person’s skill-set.
  • Improve the team’s ability to close.


  • Salespeople follow a structure training path to get Cardone Certified.
  • Weekly training meetings including drilling and role play.
  • Problems are discussed in their morning huddle and addressed using GC content.


  • Sales volume increased by 16%.
  • Now ranked #1 in district of 90 dealers and ranked #9 across the country.
  • Motor clothes sales increased by 25%.


Eric at Indianapolis Southside HD knew that his team needed training. He had access to sources through Harley-Davidson, but wanted something specific to overcoming his team’s barriers to closing the deal.

The goal was to increase sales by increasing what every person had available in the toolbox, which meant each salesperson needed to build skills to handle a range of closing situations.


The program started by scheduling a sales kick off meeting with Natasha Brooks from CTTI. First she met with the sales team
to go over what needed to be done for a successful roll out.

Everyone was put on a training path to get Cardone Certified, supplemented with weekly training involving a 1 hour bootcamp where Cardone content was referenced for skill training in the meeting.

Each morning Eric’s team discusses interactions with customers and uses the Cardone training to resolve problems.


Eric’s team has risen to the number one position in their dealer group of 90 stores. Across the country they’re now ranked ninth out of hundreds of Harley-Davidson locations. The training has helped his team become more con dent, they’re now able to agree and acknowledge objections without being negative.

His favorite takeaway however has been his own condense in closing deals. He’s a 30 year military veteran who didn’t have a sales background, but now has a solid foundation of skills as a closer.

“We’re closing deals more, rather than having customers leave empty handed. Looking forward to sharing our success and there’ll be more to come!”


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