San Diego Harley-Davidson



While training on Cardone On-Demand San Diego Harley-Davidson increased front end profit by $900 per unit.

San Diego Harley-Davidson uses Cardone On-Demand to train their sales staff and close more deals; every day they drill, rehearse, and do skill training using Grant Cardone content.

What do you like best about the training?

“I like that there’s testing, I like that you can’t fast forward so they actually need to go through the training, and I like that the guys are at the point where they’re starting to target train themselves.
My favorite result has been the motivation, especially with my long time vets. They’re starting to self monitor each other and hold each other accountable, so we’re not needing to have managers come out and do all of the coaching. My veterans are able to turn the new guys onto the training.
In this industry where people are intimidated to come into the store in the first place, you have to handle them in a way that’s agreeable. What do you do when the customer disagrees?
Grant gives dozens of ways to handle the objections. Almost daily they’ll use a GC word track that moves the sale in the right direction.”

How have you rolled out the training at the store?

“Our new hires start training in the New Hire certification during their 2nd week at the store, after product knowledge training. Then they have to pass the test on 3 lessons each day and start working on becoming Cardone Certified. Either as a group or in one on ones we’ll drill down on some technique and track improvements every day. Then we readjust when needed by tracking metrics on everything we do.”


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