The Rick Case Automotive Group, founded in 1962 in Northeast Ohio and servicing Atlanta and South Florida since 1986, is owned and operated by the wife and husband team of Rita and Rick Case. With 17 dealerships – operating the #1 Honda (profit), #1 Volkswagen, #1 Kia, #1 Fiat, stores in the country, along with #2 Hyundai store in the US and #1 Acura store in the Southeast. The Rick Case Automotive Group has forged an irrefutable reputation as one of the country’s leading dealers.

“When you have 17 dealerships across 3 states it is extremely challenging to provide the kind of support that employees need to ensure that every employee handles every customer the way that Rick and Rita Case expects them to be handled”

Jack Jackintelle
COO – The Rick Case Automotive Group


  • Decrease turnover / reduce unemployment claims for lack of training
  • Positively impact initial 90 days of employment
  • Increase Sales Volumes and Gross profit


  • Branded University to be used in Recruitment/ Hiring of new talent
  • New Hire On Boarding Certification
  • Requirement of training tied to pay plan


  • Reduction in Turnover of 20% concentrated in staff within initial 90 days of employment.
  • Increase in Volume and Gross profit.


J.J. Jackintelle, COO, came to Cardone Training Technologies in 2013 looking to solve two major problems that he had with his 2,500+ employees.

Number one: finding a solution that would solve the employee churn within the initial 90 days of employment due to lack of production.

Number two: create a knowledge base that could transfer the Rick Case culture into every incoming employee without the message being diluted through the layers of management.


The Rick Case Auto Group executed full deployment of Rick Case University across all the stores within the group. They instituted a standardized certification process for onboarding, which was supported by daily management-led sales meetings.

All training activity was monitored by both the retail location and by the group-training director within the corporate offices.


The standardized on-boarding process and consistent daily training within the dealership resulted in a 20% reduction in turnover. The greatest impact was seen with employees with less than 90 days of tenure with the group. The daily training, testing, and reporting led to measurable increases in volumes and profits. “I was a huge advocate for our previous trainer, but if it’s not new, relevant and exciting, it doesn’t matter who it is, our people will not engage with it. Our closest competitor sold one more car than us last year, but we made over $1,000,000 more in net profit.”


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