Retail Process Assessment

Is your dealership firing on all cylinders? Is your business doing good, but not GREAT? Does running your business seem harder than it should be?

For the last 30 years, the Cardone team has earned the reputation as the Retail Process Experts. This reputation has lead to process consultation and installation projects with almost every major OEM. Having performed over 40,000 days in dealerships with boots on the ground performing Management, Sales, and Service training, our team has developed a strategy to optimize business efficiency and maximize profitability in any store, in any market.

Our Retail Process Assessment (RPA) sends one of our Sr. Consultants to your dealership for 4 days to observe every facet of your Variable operations. From Phones to Inventory display, and showroom process to F&I process, our experts will collect data and assess the optimization of your existing processes.

Recommendations and a plan of action are then proposed to the Dealership ownership and executives how to enhance the processes that are being executed well and how to improve areas of opportunity. All recommendations are made AFTER achieving a solid understanding of the things in which dealership owners and executives are committed to keeping as a part of their company history and /or culture and areas in which are open to suggestions on improvement.

This 4 day deep dive into the dealership operations has proven over the years to be a catalyst which reveals new income, profitability and overall efficiency opportunities.

Items to Be Covered:

  • Executive Interviews
  • Showroom Managers Interviews
  • Deal Jacket Reviews
  • Showroom Process Assessment
  • Internet Process Assessment
  • Telephone Process Assessment
  • Inventory Display Assessment
  • Workforce Turnover Assessment
  • F&I Process Assessment and Checklists
  • Action Plan and Daily Disciplines
  • Sales Process Assessment book with Observations
  • Implementation Plan
  • Leading Practice Library Reference Books


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