Porsche of London


tim gross

Porsche of London, founded in 2010, is your local source for factory authorized Porsche sales, parts, and service in the greater London and surrounding area of Ontario. Their inventory is utterly unlike any vehicles you’ll ever drive and Porsche of London is like no other dealership you’ll drive into. When it comes to the finest in workmanship, technology, and exclusivity, you’ll want to come to Porsche of London.

“Grant gets the salespeople to understand what’s expected of them”

Tim Gross
General Sales Manager Porsche of London


  • Increase Sales
  • Improve Closing Rate
  • Motivation for their sales staff


  • Sales staff expected to train daily
  • Grant Cardone sales meetings using Cardone On-Demand
  • Training curriculum focused on closing


  • Closing Ratio Increased 12%
  • Average Gross Increased more than $1000


Like all businesses, Porsche of London was looking to increase profits and realized that there were many missed opportunities being mishandled by the sales staff due to lack of motivation and value not enough value being built. They have excellent products, the challenge is in presenting and going into the close from a much stronger position.


Management at Porsche of London has done an excellent job of prioritizing training within their store. Sales staff is expected to train daily using the platform on a closing based curriculum and every sales meeting incorporates a skill-building chapter from Cardone On-Demand. Every Tuesday morning, management does a full review of training for the week.


Within their first few months on the program Porsche of London was able to raise their closing rate by 12% and increase the gross profit on every unit by over $1000.

They’re now in a position to handle more opportunities and their sales staff is engaging customers in higher quality interactions. Salespeople are more confident and management has a training structure in place to help their people improve in any area they set their focus on. As a dealer of premium luxury products, their service is next to none. Their next target is a curriculum focused on improving follow up using the hundreds of follow up call, text, and email examples in COD.

“We love it, Grant’s training gets you setup for your week”


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