Management Institute

After over 30 years of providing sales training and consultation to dealers across the country in every market, of every size, one common denominator can be seen, the top performers always have a strong mid and senior level leadership team.

For that reason, Cardone Automotive Sales Training founded a Management Institute that focuses exclusively on the development of the leadership in your dealership.

This 4 day workshop was built to tackle some of today’s most challenging tasks your management team faces. This “Train the Trainer” course covers the most vital skills required for a manager and/or management team to excel. Most mid level managers get thrown into a position without any real learning opportunities focused on building the skills and strategies to be impact players on your management team. Your managers will get hands on practical training on:

  • Increase Market Share in a Contracting Market
  • Increase Sales and Profits in a “Down Economy”
  • Maximize Profit with Internet Customers
  • Win Deals from Your Competition Without Discounts
  • Maximize Results from Limited Showroom Traffic
  • Turn Excessive Negative Equity into Deals (and not Mini-Deals)
  • Increase Profit Despite Restrictive Lender Guidelines
  • Get Your Salespeople to Stop Selling Scared
  • Create a Success Environment that Eliminates High Turnover
  • 5 Key Elements for Structuring Deals for Profit in Today’s Economy
  • 100% Write Up (no excuses) Through Step Two Appraisal
  • Negotiating Negative Equity for Profit
  • Making Profit on Deals that Banks Will Buy
  • Information-Based Selling and Full Disclosure Negotiations
  • Negotiating with the Buyer’s Money Not Your Profits
  • Proactive Leadership vs. Reactive Management
  • Simple, Easy In-Store Sales Training Agendas

Your Managers Will Receive:

  • Leading Practice Library
  • Manager’s Course Workbook
  • Coach Pad
  • Grant’s Book: “If You’re Not First, You’re Last”

The Cardone Institute is a 4-Day Boot Camp Taught by The Cardone Group’s National Director of Training, Steve Gardner. Other action items Steve will cover during this course are how to:

  • Make Your Advertising Match Your Sales and Negotiation Process
  • Turn Your Sales Process into a Marketable Asset
  • Double Your Write-Ups by Offering Buyers Information Up Front
  • Shorten Negotiation Time by Building a Unique Profile for Every Buyer
  • Provide Every Buyer with Full Disclosure Purchase Information
  • Teach Closing Skills that YOU can Replicate—Build an Army of Trained Closers!
  • Build Exit Packages that Bring Shoppers Back to Buy From YOU

Tickets $1795 per manager

For more information on the Management Institute or to get the schedule, please complete the form below and one of our training consultants will reach out to you via your preferred methods with additional information.



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