Hawkesbury Ford



Hawkesbury Ford, located in Hawkesbury Ontario, services Hawkesbury and all surrounding territories. They are the premier location for all your automotive needs. From quality new Ford vehicles to an extensive selection of used vehicles, anyone can find what they’re looking for at Hawkesbury Ford.

“Our people now understand the impact of making the sale immediately and with urgency.”

Alan Côté 
Owner, Hawkesbury Ford


  • More efficient use of ad budget
  • Improved Closing
  • Better attitude amongst salespeople


  • Mandatory daily training of 1 chapter
  • Weekly meeting with management to reinforce training from the system
  • Motivational meetings by Grant Cardone using Cardone On Demand


  • 13% Increase in Sales Volume
  • 18% Increase in Gross Pro t on both New and Used vehicles


Hawkesbury Ford identified that advertising costs were rising and traffic was actually increasing, but opportunities were not being captured. Their challenge was in making sure the staff asked for the sale and showed urgency in getting the deal done. This was an area of improvement for their people, causing a lower closing ratio. They connected with Cardone Training Technologies in December 2015 to help overcome this challenge.


Hawkesbury Ford’s management team began by enforcing the use of Cardone On Demand for mandatory daily training by the salespeople, supplemented with weekly sales meetings to review that week’s lessons and to run drills using Grant Cardone closes with their team. Every day’s sales meeting was ended with a motivational chapter from within the platform.


Hawkesbury Ford was able to achieve an 18% increase in average pro t on all units as well as a 13% increase in total sales volume while on the COD program.

Alan Cote, the owner at Hawkesbury Ford believes this was possible because of their consistency with the program, which allowed the salespeople to build better rebuttals to objections that they were receiving. When combined with the motivational content, they were able to build a positive outlook with the skills to handle the opportunities coming their way.

“The big thing is that they’re asking for the sale and know that if we follow the process there’s a good chance of getting the sale.”


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