Express Buy Online

Are you sick and tired of spending thousands to drive traffic to your website only to see a small percentage of traffic actually convert to a lead?

If so, you are not alone. Almost every dealer across the country experiences that same frustration every single month. So for the last 4 years the Cardone team has been at work to develop a tool that would finally resolve the BIGGEST problem on your website… identifying people who visit your site that do not submit a lead or call the dealership.

The Solution? Express Buying Online.

Express Buying Online instantly presents your virtual customer with information on every vehicle in your inventory, and provides them with ways to engage with your inventory that were never before possible.

Today’s automotive customer demands Information, Speed, and Transparency in their online experience, and Express Buying Online from the Cardone Group makes that possible.

Key Features

  • Web tools to ENGAGE and RETAIN dealer website traffic
  • User controlled we based calculation of deal terms and structure
  • Payments based on Real Time manufacturer lease and retail incentives
  • Target payment marketing to create new marketing opportunities online and on the lot
  • Powerful Point of Purchase merchandising incorporating latest campaigns, incentives and leases

Key Features

  • Increase Internet leads on average by 33%
  • Web Data pushes directly to CRM
  • Fast, Fair, Friendly, and user controlled
  • Collapses negotiating time in the Dealership
  • Deals “Virtually desked” on payment terms, not price equals more gross


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