Clarington Toyota


Clarington Toyota

Since Clarington Toyota first opened its doors in 2004, they’ve been providing both an excellent product as well as an unbeatable service. They strive to go above and beyond with all of our clients to ensure every single need is fulfilled and every question answered. Their #1 priority is that every single client leaves completely satisfied with his or her experience.

Don Gleed
President – Clarington Toyota


  • Decrease customer turnover to management
  • More confident salespeople
  • Increase Sales Volumes and Gross profit


  • Consistent daily training by salespeople within Cardone On Demand
  • Sales meetings from Cardone On Demand focused on handling objections


  • 10% Increase in Sales Volume
  • Reduced customer turnover and better customer experience overall
  • Confident sales staff equipped to effectively handle objections


Clarington Toyota connected with Cardone Training Technologies in late 2015 with the intention to increase the number of opportunities that the sales staff could handle without having to turnover directly to management. Multiple trips to the desk cause the store to lose gross on every deal and take away from the customer experience overall.


Management launched the Cardone On Demand program throughout their dealership with mandatory training every day by the salespeople and supplemented this program by including sales meeting from the COD platform. The focus of these meetings was to drill handling objections and to enable the team to handle a majority of the objections they receive on a daily basis.


As a result of the investment in their salespeople’s success and through daily training within the store, Clarington Toyota was able to increase YOY Sales Volume by 10% within their first 6 months on the program.

Additionally, another difference within the sales staff is their increased confidence and ability to handle objections without requiring management to become involved in the process over common objections.

“They’re much more confident when getting objections in the first place, knowing that they have a response ready”


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