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James Braden - Grant Cardone Automotive Sales Training

About The Company

We believe in openly offering information and options to our customers. “We are different – there is an atmostphere where people feel good when they’re here,” says Owner James Braden. “It [Cardone On-Demand] has made a huge difference.”

When you walk in the front doors of our Ford Millennium show room, you will immediately feel and see the positive low-pressure atmosphere.

  • Provide consistent daily training
  • Increase sales volume & profit
  • Use weekly COD learning plans as a guideline
  • Tie in fun activities to maintain team engagement
  • Jumped to 9th out of 152 dealerships for Volume Sales (previously 31st) after 4 months on Cardone On-Demand
  • Best selling months ever back to back – SOLD OUT of inventory!

Within 15 miles of our Kingston store there are five other Ford dealerships, so there are plenty of places for folks to purchase a car or truck.

Keeping the team motivated and optimistic and continuing to better themselves.

Not having a consistent training for the salespeople.


We have our salespeople moving through the Certifi cation Track – all the way through to the Master Certification.

We engage in regular one on ones with our employees. And this Fall we added the Daily Bootcamps.

We implemented games on Saturdays, with prizes and incentives for the guys who have completed their training. It’s important to have fun,” says Sales Manager Jay Burgess.


We shot up to 9th out of 152 dealerships in Volume Sales after 4 months on Cardone On-Demand. For our size, that is quite an accomplishment!

We had our best months in the dealership’s history back to back this summer and – with access to inventory – we have no doubt that will continue.